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Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant

Taban combined cycle power plant in Yazd province with 1000 MW capacity in 2 phases each 500 MW with 40% progress in phase I is expected to be connected to the grid until Dec. 2015. Negotiations for financing phase II is ongoing.  



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Khoy Combined Cycle Power plant

Khoy combined cycle power plant with capacity of 340 MW is located at 15th Km of Khoy-Salmas highway. Construction and installation of gas units was began in June 1996 and their operation started 2 years later. The steam unit was connected to the grid in Sep. 2002.

In order to implement the …

West Azerbaijan power Generating management Company

West Azerbaijan power Generating Management Company was established in 1997 to maintain and operate the power plants and officially began to work by operating Khoy combined cycle and Urmia gas power plants. In May 2007, O&M of Urmia combined cycle power plant was assigned to West Azerbaijan power Generating …