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Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant

Yazd Combined Cycle Power Plant

Category: Under construction
State: On Going
Employer: JEDCo
Completion Date: 2015

Taban combined cycle power plant in Yazd province with 1000 MW capacity in 2 phases each 500 MW with 40% progress in phase I is expected to be connected to the grid until Dec. 2015. Negotiations for financing phase II is ongoing.  



Goals of the project:

  • Supplying  some part of country ‘s needed power
  • Supplying power for large industries in region.


General specifications of  phase I:


Site Location: Yazd province(central part of Iran)
Contract type: B.O.O.
Consultant company: Ghods Niroo engineering Company
E.P.C. Contractor: Mapna
ISO capacity of power plant: 484 MW
Number of units: 3 units(2 *162 MW gas units and 1*160 MW steam unit)
Investment: 300 m €
Site Area: 50 hectare
Average temperature: 18 ºC
Site Altitude: 1180 m
Average humidity: 32%